Psychic, Medium and Healing Consultations

Psychic and Medium Consulting & Energy Healing Payment Options

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(612) 840-3562

Psychic Reading or Medium Session one hour $400. or  half hour $200. 


Ghost Assistance Home or Business Clearing, Blessing and Re-balancing for proper energy flow

Outside metro area or 5000+ sq ft request quote.

MPLS metro area $500


All healing, clearing and energy balancing is conducted through a Spiritual Psychic Consultation. ( For laying on of hands healing sessions please check referral list) 

Aura Clearing

As we walk through life we deal with many issues such as judgments, emotions and thoughts of our own and others. Our aura can become like a sponge, picking up all of this energy and emotions. The results are often a feeling of heaviness, irritability, lethargy etc. Through a healing session I can feel the heavy pockets of energy in your aura and help to remove them.

Chakra Balancing

We have seven major power centers (wheels of energy) with in our physical and subtle body system, which are known as Chakra’s  (Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”). Each Chakra corresponds with a specific physical, emotional, and mental aspect of your being. If you are feeling off balance, emotionally unattached or closed off, chances are that your chakra system is out of balance and that one or more of your chakra’s may have temporarily shut down. I am able to see & feel your Chakra system, help to open and/or re-balance them, bringing equanimity back to your physical, mental, and emotional state enhancing your well being.

Cord Removal

We all have energy cords that originate from ourselves creating an energetic connection  to friends, old and new partners, and family members.  They also have energy cords connecting them to us. If you feel like you are having a difficult time letting go of a relationship, care take, organize, manipulate or constantly obsess about someone, chances are that you may need assistance to gently release these energy cords.

Soul Retrieval

Do you feel like a part of you or aspect of yourself is missing? Often when a person has had difficulty in their life or a traumatic experience has occurred, a part of your spirit may become disheartened and unsure of how to deal with the situation and will temporarily detach/distance itself leaving a person feeling lost or lonely.  With the assistance of your soul, our guides and my psychic abilities I will travel to that place in the spirit world, locate that missing aspect(s) of yourself, helping to reincorporate your entire self and enhancing your well-being.

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